Looking for a muscle car

Looking for a muscle car

Four Tips for Safe Trailer Driving

by Cassandre Giraud

Pulling horse trailers, boats, utility trailers or any other long attachment behind your vehicle can present with it a host of challenges. From turning a corner to backing up in a parking lot, trailer driving is an acquired still that needs a bit of practice to get perfectly right. But luckily, once you get the hang of it, driving a trailer is a relatively simple task if you remember a few hints.

Stay at Moderate Speeds

Obviously, you should abide by the posted speed limit, but extreme speed increases can increase the strain on your trailer hitch and increase the likelihood of swaying and instability. Another lesser-known tip is that cruise control in vehicles with automatic transmissions should not be used when pulling a trailer— especially in hilly areas. The engine will most likely operate in a higher than it needs to and put unnecessary tension on the gears that could damage your car down the road.


For heavier trailers, even those you have only temporarily hired, your truck will be outfitted with a trailer braking system that controls the brakes on the trailer wheels themselves (in addition to those on your car). If you do not have an electric brake controller, you will need to use a hand trailer brake controller to maintain balance if the trailer begins to sway.

 Backing Up

Driving in reverse is, without a doubt, the most difficult part of trailer driving because you most move the steering wheel in the opposite direction you are accustomed to. For example, turning a steering wheel clockwise will make your car turn to the right; however, this same motion causes the trailer to swing left. The best advice to combat this learning curve is to practice in an empty parking lot to get used to the steering wheel's effects on trailer motion.

Wide Corners

Most importantly, when driving around corners with a trailer, it is imperative that you stay wide. Cutting a corner could drop the rear wheels of your trailer in a ditch or onto the shoulder— or as a worse case scenario, hit a car in the lane next to you. Becoming acclimated to the turning radius is another issue that can be simply solved in a parking lot.

So whether hiring a trailer from a company like Highway Auto Barn to move homes or simply driving your boat to a new marina, make sure that you are familiar with trailer driving tips to stay safe on the road.


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Looking for a muscle car

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