Looking for a muscle car

Looking for a muscle car

A Few Considerations When Buying a Used Cargo Truck

by Cassandre Giraud

A cargo truck can be a great choice for your business, as it means being able to easily deliver or pick up materials without worrying about how they'll be protected in the back of a truck or in an exposed trailer. A cargo truck means a locked and secured area, and may also mean more space. Note a few considerations when buying used commercial vehicles like a cargo truck so you know you get the right type and will be happy with your purchase for years to come.


When choosing a truck, the size is critical as you want something that offers enough space for your cargo, but which can easily fit into any area where you'll drive the truck. Note your standard driving routes; are there especially low bridges or tunnels that you would need to avoid? Consider the buildings at which you stop; do they have signage or other obstructions you need to drive or park under that may be in the way of a larger truck? Can you easily maneuver the truck in and out of cramped parking lots or delivery areas?

If you pick up or deliver to residential areas, note that homeowners may not want an oversized truck in their driveway even for deliveries, as this could cause damage to their pavement. Blocking residential traffic with an oversized truck might also become an issue. Opt for the size you need but don't assume that a larger truck will always necessarily be the best truck for your everyday use.

Inspect doorways

Always inspect the doors to a cargo truck just as you would any other mechanical part, as you need to ensure the hinges are not worn or rusted. If the doors have been dented, they may not close properly and you may have problems opening them. Inspect the track to a rollup door and the latch to any type of door and ensure all parts move smoothly, otherwise you may face a repair bill or cost of replacing the door to your truck very soon after you purchase it.

Be sure about your licensing

Before you do shop, be sure you know what licensing you may need for various sizes and types of trucks. This is especially important if you're looking at trucks that have been modified with upgraded features such as added insulation in the cargo area, as they may now be heavier and larger than standard trucks and may require a different license than what you currently hold.


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Looking for a muscle car

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