Looking for a muscle car

Looking for a muscle car

  • A Few Considerations When Buying a Used Cargo Truck

    A cargo truck can be a great choice for your business, as it means being able to easily deliver or pick up materials without worrying about how they'll be protected in the back of a truck or in an exposed trailer. A cargo truck means a locked and secured area, and may also mean more space. Note a few considerations when buying used commercial vehicles like a cargo truck so you know you get the right type and will be happy with your purchase for years to come.

  • 4 Reasons CVT Systems are Perfect for Off-Road Vehicles

    CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission, and you might have noticed these systems popping up in more and more new vehicles. Instead of moving between traditional fixed gears, as with either a manual or automatic system, CVT systems use a belt and pulleys to constantly change the gear ratio. This comes with a number of benefits, and these systems are usually associated with hybrids, or with other models that aim for high mileage ratings.

  • Recreational Boating: Selecting the Right Motor Vessel

    If you are thinking about taking up recreational boating, you should consider purchasing a motorboat. This type of vessel is designed to be powered by an engine, as opposed to other sources of power, like the wind or paddles. Motorboats are ideal because they can cruise at high speeds on the water. In addition, you will not require extensive experience or physical strength to handle the vessel efficiently. If you decide to acquire a recreational motorboat, consider these factors when selecting your ideal vessels.

  • Four Tips for Safe Trailer Driving

    Pulling horse trailers, boats, utility trailers or any other long attachment behind your vehicle can present with it a host of challenges. From turning a corner to backing up in a parking lot, trailer driving is an acquired still that needs a bit of practice to get perfectly right. But luckily, once you get the hang of it, driving a trailer is a relatively simple task if you remember a few hints.

  • New or Used? Compare Your Car Buying Options

    If you're planning on buying a car, one of the biggest decisions you have to wrestle with is whether to purchase a new or a used car. The decision isn't simple and no one choice is better that the other. In general, several factors can help you understand the pros and cons of each. Read all about them below. Warranty Warranty is an important part of car purchase. Newer cars always have better warranty terms.

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Looking for a muscle car

When I was younger, I was desperate to have a big muscle car: something that you heard before you could see it and that had a lot of power when you put your foot on the accelerator. Of course, I couldn't afford a really cool car then, so I had to make do with borrowing my mum's car! These days, I can afford new cars but it's the old muscle cars that still have my heart. They may not have been as reliable, but I'm still really excited to be able to drive them. This blog is my search for muscle cars on sale around Australia.